TB Alliance: Putting science to work for a faster TB cure

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Scientific Vision

The TB Alliance harnesses the power of global innovation, expertise, and partnerships to discover and develop new and better TB treatments to transform the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) and drug-resistant TB and reduce the world's burden.

The TB Alliance is committed to using innovative approaches and cutting-edge science to accelerate the development of new drugs that will shorten, simplify, and enable the global scale-up of treatment of tuberculosis in all its forms. Since its founding in 2000, the TB Alliance has assembled the largest portfolio of potential new drugs in history and the greatest concentration of TB drug development expertise in the world.

When selecting projects, the TB Alliance applies a rigorous screening process to identify the projects with the greatest potential to impact the epidemic. Scientific criteria include:

  • potential to shorten and simplify duration of treatment;
  • effectiveness against multidrug-resistant strains;
  • compatibility with anti-retroviral therapy for people with TB-HIV co-infection;
  • suitability for pediatric populations;
  • ability to improve the treatment of latent infection.

Collaboration as a Cornerstone

TB is a global problem, and as such, requires global solutions. The TB Alliance leverages partnerships from around the world to create those global solutions and advance TB drug development by leveraging the capabilities of both the public and private sectors. Our R&D partners include leading pharmaceutical companies, universities, and other research centers. Each research and development project is unique; all programs are designed to maximize the strengths of the partners and to advance promising treatments for tuberculosis as efficiently and rapidly as possible. By remaining flexible, providing unparalleled expertise, and sharing risk, the TB Alliance lowers the barrier for other organizations to enter the TB drug development field.

TB Kills:
1.5 Million People Every Year
Over 4,100 Every Day
One Person Every 20 Seconds

Research and development work is performed directly by our network of partners and world-class contract research organizations; projects are managed or overseen by TB Alliance staff members with input from its Scientific Advisory Committee and other stakeholders.

From Drugs to Regimens

The TB Alliance isn't just developing new TB drugs, but leading a revolution in the way that TB drugs are developed. We are committed to advancing a new drug development paradigm that will telescope the time needed to develop markedly improved TB cures. This approach evaluates novel combinations of TB drugs — instead of single drugs — as part of a single development program, enabling the development of novel TB drug regimens that have potential to transform treatment for drug-sensitive and drug-resistant tuberculosis. This approach offers the potential to reduce the time previously needed to develop a novel treatment regimen by up to 75%, shortening the clinical development from decades to years.

The TB Alliance is in a unique position to bring together TB drug developers under the Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens (CPTR) initiative to test their drugs together and advance the best TB regimens, regardless of sponsor.

Watch this video, which explains how regimens are developed.

Without Community, Research is Not Possible

Informed and engaged communities are integral to the research process. The TB Alliance supports community participation in its development work through its Community Engagement program. These initiatives serve as a bridge between trial participants, community members, and researchers. Community Engagement helps establish two-way communication channels to discuss TB drug research and development and ongoing local clinical trials with communities affected by TB who are participating in clinical research.

The TB Alliance Community Engagement program sponsors site-level activities ranging from the establishment of formal community advisory structures, to workshops and trainings on TB drug research, to public education and awareness campaigns. More in-depth information about the TB Alliance's community engagement activities can be found here.