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Developing Regimens

The TB Alliance and its partners are leading the clinical development of a new generation of markedly improved TB cures. These drugs are the building blocks of novel TB regimens, which will speed the introduction and unleash the transformative impact of new, faster, and better TB drugs for drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB.

The TB Alliance, working with partners around the world, is developing new, urgently needed TB treatments. Current treatment is inadequate to tackle today's TB pandemic. Long treatment times, complex dosing schedules, and growing rates of drug resistance help fuel the epidemic. Without better, faster-acting, and affordable drugs, TB cannot be adequately controlled and ultimately eradicated.

Before the TB Alliance was established in 2000, there were no clinical-stage compounds in development to treat TB. Today, after a decade of advancing the science and working with donors, partners, and other stakeholders, the TB Alliance has developed and manages the largest TB drug pipeline in history. The TB Alliance has multiple new TB drug combinations in clinical development in addition to its robust discovery program, comprising a large share of the world's TB R&D efforts. The organization is catalyzing and evolving the research landscape, testing these compounds in late-stage clinical trials, including the first clinical trial to evaluate a novel multi-drug regimen in both TB and MDR-TB patients.

New TB treatment candidates show promise to reduce the length of and simplify treatment for people with TB, improving outcomes, decreasing the spread of resistance, and lessening the impact on health systems. These compounds are also the building blocks of future novel regimens that have the potential to transform the fight against the epidemic by offering shorter, simpler, and safer treatments that can treat both drug-sensitive and multi-drug resistant TB. Since there is little existing resistance to novel regimens, new combinations of drugs can unify treatment for most TB cases around the world, and for drug-resistant patients, offer an infinitely cheaper treatment option, facilitating the global scale-up of MDR-TB treatment.

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Overcoming Obstacles in TB Drug Development

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There have been no new TB drug classes developed under the modern regulatory system, and therefore, there are many challenges to overcome to enable the testing and evaluation of new TB cures.

Recognizing the global need, the TB Alliance has undertaken many initiatives to improve and advance the field of TB drug R&D. Working with partners around the world, the TB Alliance is overcoming scientific, operational, and regulatory barriers, and creating a pathway to patients so that new and better TB treatments.