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Emma Thompson and her son, Tindy

Mayor of London's TB Ambassador actress Emma Thompson and her son Tindy talk about his journey with the disease and urge greater awareness and testing.

Length: 3:43

Saving Children's Lives

Mickey Chopra

UNICEF's Chief of Health on how new TB treatments can improve child survival

Length: 4:34

Occupational health and TB

Dr. Dalene von Delft developed active MDR-TB while working as a physician in 2010. Video by RESULTS.

Length: 13:45

Multidrug-Resistance Tuberculosis: No Promises

The most neglected MDR-TB victims are children Photo’s Ron Haviv visited MSF’s pediatric MDR-TB program in Tajikistan to document this new and very dangerous medical front line. Video from MSF.

Length: 6:18

I am the Voice of TB

Let's get to zero!

Together, we are the voice of the TB community, and together, we are fighting for a TB-free world.

Length: 1:02

Understanding Pediatric TB

Dr. Uvistra Naidoo, Pediatric research associate at K-RITH, explains the current state of pediatric TB diagnosis and treatment, the burden in South Africa, and what needs to happen next.

Length: 3:05

Change Starts Here

TB Alliance President and CEO, Dr. Mel Spigelman, addresses progress made against TB in 2013 in his annual video letter

Length: 3:31

Thembi Jakiwe: Strength of a Woman

by Visual Epidemiology (Jonathan Smith)

Strength of a Woman" shows a day in the life of quarantine for 12-year-old Thembi Jakiwe, who has been diagnosed with MDR-TB in Cape Town, South Africa.

Length: 4:26

Phumeza Tisile: Hear No Evil

Through her story, Phumeza Tisile shows that the ramifications of DR-TB forever change the patient's life, even if he/she is lucky enough to be cured.

Length: 6:05

Winstone Zulu Lives through his Work

Winstone Zulu was the first man in Southern Africa to publicly declare himself HIV positive. He devoted his life to advocating for HIV- and TB-related causes. Winstone died on October 12, 2011

Length: 6:59

SABC Coverage of NC001

South African Broadcasting

Local coverage in South Africa of the world's first novel TB regimen clinical trial.

Length: 1:34

History in the making

Wally J

Wally J is taking part in the world's first novel TB regimen development clinical trial.

Length: 3:57

A Decade of Innovation

Past and Present TBA Leadership

The past and present CEOs of the TB Alliance on what it takes to succeed.

Length: 3:18

Spreading the Message

Lucy Cheshire

From patient to powerhouse, Lucy speaks on the need to develop new tools to fight TB.

Length: 3:39

TB Story on La 2 Noticias

Featuring Lucy Cheshire

Patient advocate and TB R&D activist, Lucy Chesire, is interviewed as part of a story on TB for Spanish-language La 2 Noticas television.

Length: 3:01

CC-TV Coverage of GHRC Launch

Chinese-language coverage of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the TB Alliance and International Scientific Exchange Foundation of China.

Length: 1:37