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Understanding the TB Market

Understanding the landscape into which new TB treatments are to be introduced is critical to developing the best regimens and ensuring that, once approved, they are quickly adopted by healthcare systems around the globe.

Defining the Role of the Private Sector in Treatment

Due to the lengthy, supervised treatment required to treat TB effectively, TB is widely considered a public health concern and its treatment a public sector responsibility. However, research conducted by the TB Alliance and IMS Health found that in some countries the volume of TB drugs sold in the private sector is equal to or greater than the volume sold in the public sector.

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Understanding Regimen Change

Gaining a thorough understanding of the regimen change process and workings of health systems will be vital to maximizing the uptake of new products. The TB Alliance has both investigated key characteristics of health systems in order to ensure products in development are in line with local needs and realities, and studied past instances of regimen change to gain further insight into the process.

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Defining the Value Proposition of New Regimens

In extensive interviews, the TB Alliance has sought opinions regarding the attributes that key decision-makers would want in a new regimen with regard to safety, efficacy, drug delivery, side effect profiles, and cost.

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The Global TB Market

Pathway to Patients: Charting the Dynamics of the Global TB Drug Market, was the first comprehensive analysis of how today's TB drugs reach patients on a global scale.

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Since its establishment, the TB Alliance has built a formidable understanding of the existing treatment landscape.

These studies help inform which regimens should advance to the stages of clinical development and point toward the most efficient and effective ways to make the products available to patients who need them. Importantly, these studies also aim to provide national TB programs, the WHO, and other TB specialists the information they need to improve TB programs, especially concerning the introduction and availability of new TB drugs.

In order to be prepared for the introduction of new TB regimens, we have identified several key areas that must be explored to facilitate adoption and availability:

  • Where TB drugs are purchased
  • what patients and policy-makers want from new TB regimens
  • how countries change their TB treatment policies
  • how much it costs health systems and patients to pay for current treatments
  • how providers will use new regimens