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Our Commitment

AAA Mandate

The TB Alliance can only achieve its mission if new, faster-acting, and better TB cures are affordable, adopted, and available to those that need them. It is our pledge to ensure that new TB treatments improve the health and prosperity of individuals suffering from TB and have maximum impact on the global pandemic.

The development of a shorter, simpler TB treatment regimen is just the beginning. A new drug combination will only be effective when it reaches patients. TB is a disease of the poor — 94 percent of TB cases and 98 percent of deaths occur in the developing world.

In high-burden countries, the people most in need of improved TB cures are often those most difficult to reach. To address this challenge, the TB Alliance mission includes an explicit commitment to what we call "AAA": Adoption, Availability, and Affordability.

New and improved TB therapies will only get to the people who need them if they are adopted by global, national, and local regulatory bodies.

Decision-makers evaluate many criteria when considering regimen change. Therefore, the TB Alliance is working to understand the attributes key decision-makers want from new TB treatments and to provide them with the information they need to reach their policy decision. This will help to maximize early adoption and uptake of improved TB drug regimens.


We will not be satisfied until improved TB cures are in the hands of those who need them.

Today, the TB Alliance is charting the course toward availability through ongoing consultation with global and national standard-setting authorities as well as our partner manufacturers and distributors. We have analyzed multiple facets of the global TB drug market and existing drug supply chains to map the most efficient and effective pathway to patients.


TB has its greatest impact on poor and vulnerable populations. Our commitment means that new TB treatments must be affordable for even the poorest patients.

When selecting projects, the TB Alliance identifies promising compounds that can be developed, manufactured, and administered at low cost. The TB Alliance works with our partners to balance affordability and sustainability to ensure new TB regimens reach patients who need them today, and tomorrow.