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Advisory Boards

The TB Alliance established a Scientific Advisory Committee to provide invaluable scientific guidance.

The Scientific Advisory Committee provides technical expertise on drug research, development, manufacturing, and distribution, as well as other medical and scientific issues. It consists of fourteen scientific experts from a wide range of relevant disciplines, including:

  • Drug Discovery: genomics, microbiology, molecular biology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology;
  • Drug development: medicinal chemistry, preclinical development, formulation and manufacturing experts;
  • Clinical expertise: internal medicine, infectious diseases, and clinical trials;
  • Clinical trials in TB-endemic countries;
  • Epidemiology;
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; and
  • Statistics

Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee are selected for three-year terms. To address myriad scientific and technical needs, the Chair has the flexibility to invite scientists to serve as ad hoc members for limited periods of time, or on a project-by-project basis.


Dr. Philip A Hipskind Eli Lilly and Company
Dr. Nicholas A. Meanwell Bristol-Myers Squibb
Dr. Karen Bush Indiana University
Dr. Shing Chang (Formerly) Drugs for Neglected Disease Initiative
Dr. Michael Dunne Durata Therapeutics, Inc
Dr. Mark Goldberger (Formerly) AbbVie Laboratories
Dr. Dale J. Kempf (Chair) AbbVie
Dr. G. Lynn Marks GlaxoSmithKline
Dr. Sarah Merritt Fortune Harvard School of Public Heath
Dr. Carl Nathan Cornell Medical School
Dr. Paul Reider Princeton University
Dr. Jack Reynolds Anabios
Dr. Jeffrey A. Staffa Consilium, LLC