TB Alliance: Putting science to work for a faster TB cure

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Operating Model

TB Alliance is uniquely positioned to leverage a global network of public and private partners to most efficiently advance TB drug development. We're committed to advancing promising science around the world to provide health, hope, and prosperity to millions.

TB Alliance is a product development partnership (PDP), working to develop new, simpler, faster-acting TB drug regimens. We combine the research and development expertise of our staff with the skills and resources of our partners to efficiently leverage the most promising science from around the world and accelerate TB drug development. As a virtual drug developer, TB Alliance manages a portfolio of candidate TB compounds, from both public and private sector sources, using a variety of licensing and partnership agreements. This model minimizes costs, including overhead and investments in infrastructure, while optimizing scientific capability to speed new TB drug development. Our business model and diverse partnerships enable the TB Alliance to leverage additional partner services for every dollar invested in the TB Alliance.

TB Kills:
1.5 Million People Every Year
Over 4,100 Every Day
One Person Every 20 Seconds

A PDP is a not-for-profit organization that builds partnerships between the public, private, academic, and philanthropic sectors to drive the development of new products for underserved markets. Through their unique, collaborative efforts, PDPs are able to access a variety of funding sources and apply a wide range of tools and knowledge to their programs. PDPs retain direct management oversight of their projects, though much of the laboratory and clinical work is done though external research facilities and contractors.

In the global health arena, PDPs were established to accelerate the development of new technologies to fight TB, AIDS, malaria, and a wide range of neglected diseases. Currently, there are more than 140 neglected disease drug, diagnostic, and vaccine projects in the combined PDP portfolio. PDPs are created for the public good; their products are made affordable to all those who need them.

The TB Alliance offers the greatest concentration of TB drug development expertise in the world. As a PDP, we are uniquely positioned to broker collaborative relationships that are traditionally not possible. For example, as the head of the Drug Development arm of the Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens initiative, several of the world's leading pharmaceutical developers have agreed to test their experimental compounds in combination with one another. This kind of collaboration among private developers is exceedingly rare; in this case, the TB Alliance, as a neutral third party singularly focused on the mission for new and better TB drugs, was able to bring these parties together and leverage efforts across the field, regardless of sponsor.