TB Alliance: Putting science to work for a faster TB cure

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Thank you for your ongoing support of our mission to find better, faster drugs for tuberculosis. With your help, we can transform lives.

TB Alliance's scientific expertise and business model enables it to remain extremely efficient and program-focused. Since its inception, nearly 90% of the funding invested in the TB Alliance has been directed to program services.

The TB Alliance's donor base is comprised of private foundations and enterprises, governments, multilateral donors, and individuals. Since its inception in 2000, the TB Alliance has received pledges for more than $450 million in financial contributions. Additionally, generous in-kind contributions from its partners have enabled the TB Alliance to substantially augment its work. The total value of TB Alliance programs is more than twice our investment, meaning ever dollar given to the TB Alliance produces even more in impact.

More Support is Needed for a Better Cure

TB perpetuates the poverty cycle and is one of the world's worst killers, yet it is among the most neglected and underfunded diseases in the world. With the global recession pushing even more people into poverty, the time to act is now. Please support us in finding new and faster cures for TB.

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